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ISO 28007


What is ISO 28007?
Ships and marine technology — Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships (and pro-forma contract)

Who is ISO 28007 applicable to?
ISO 28001 is addressed to private maritime security companies.
ISO 28000 is the certifiable security management system for organizations which has been developed from other quality management systems (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) with the same management system requirements.
In effect ISO 28000 is a risk based quality management system for the security of operations and activities conducted by organizations. ISO 28007 sets out the guidance for applying ISO 28000 to Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC).

What are the benefits of ISO 28007?
The standard is based on the Maritime requirements for I.S.M. and I.S.P.S. the main criteria are based on risk assessment on board vessels for the private security personnel on board.

The organization should consider risk criteria that may impact on interested parties as follows:
a) the overall risk policy of the organization, and of the client, and their risk tolerance;
b) the inherent uncertainty of operating at sea in an area with high risk of piracy;
c) the nature of the likely threats and consequences of an incident on its operations, reputation and business;
d) the impact of an incident; and
e) the impact of the combination of a number of risks.

What does S.Q.S.S. offer you?
System Implementation: it includes the planning, implementation and provision of the required information and diagnostic tools so that you are able to implement, maintain and monitor successfully your system for management security risks on board in relation to safety and safety operations on board vessel.  We provide support during the preparation stage and we help you determine the risk assessment under criteria, recognized security levels and efficient documentation to use. The system is based on ISO 9001 requirements and can be developed as an extension to quality called “safety and security” according to the shipping industry.
Our experience in the maritime industry enabling us to demonstrate a best practice documentation and arrangements that should be implemented and followed.
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