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ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training


Who needs this course?
• all company members who wish to undertake internal audit of the company’s environmental management system
• persons responsible for conducting internal environmental audits in accordance with ISO 14001 evaluating their systems improvements

Course objectives
• Understand the basic concepts and principles of environmental management
• Understand the benefits of implementing ISO 14001 and key environmental issues
• Understand the requirements of ISO 14001 standard
• Understand the principles and practices of auditing
• Plan and prepare an audit
• Perform an effective audit of a company’s environmental management system
• Create clear, concise and relevant audit reports
• Assess a company’s environmental management system and determine whether or not it meets the requirement of ISO 14001  standard
• A clear understanding of the importance of monitoring the environmental management system and informing the management and staff of its effectiveness
• Understand the importance of audit as an effective monitoring tool

Course Content:
The course is structured in such a way, through tutorials, discussions, exercises, case study and workshops, to involve all participants and ensure a profound understanding of ISO 14001 auditing requirements. More analytically:

• Introduction and explanation of Environment, Aspects, Impacts and the requirements of ISO 14001 standard
• Explanation  of audit, types of audits, their purpose and planning, the way in which an effective audit is carried out and reported on
• Responsibilities of auditors, the required personal attributes, and auditor selection
• The various auditing tools and techniques to assist the auditors
• Reporting deficiencies, corrective and preventive actions.
The course is designed according to the requirements of ISO 19011 “Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems”
Participants should:
• Secondary education
• prior knowledge of the requirements of ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000
• Course duration
• 3 days       
Next Step
• EMS Lead Auditor



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